Monday, 8 February 2010

What teachers do after dark...

Read on if you dare! Tyrese has sent in a super scary story of what happened last night. You might look differently at your teachers after reading this!

Here's Tyrese's story:

Let me tell you about what happened last night...

I saw our teacher, a pale, thin, corpse-like man creeping round the churchyard looking furtive in a cloak. He sat upon a gravestone and he mumbled, "Let me see... to change into a bat one simply murmurs one, two three."

I saw a purple glimmer and I heard a muffled bang and, just before he vansihed, a glimpse of gleaming fang. Then, fluttering round the gravestone where Mr Meek had sat, was a rather thin example of a vampire bat!

The next morning, in the classroom, Mr Meek looked plump and pink.

Today, I think I may buy a garlic and a crucifix.

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  1. Jason was walking home from school to the cemetary it was half dark by the time he got there it was cold but he wanted to see his mothers grave and he was determined then suddenly he heard a noise, a creeping noise from behind the tombstone behind him "son...son".

    Jason was quivering he quickly ran home to tell his dad what he had heard at his mothers grave but of course he didnt beleive him and he wasnt sure he himself did either.


Please tell us what chilling activities you have been up to at home. Scared your little brother yet? Told a story that made your mum sleep with the light on? Maybe even tell us a short story of your own!