Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Curse of Bloody Mary

Thanks to Ebru who has been researching about Queen Mary, also known as Bloody Mary.

Folklore has it that if you stand in front of a mirror, in a darkened room sometime around midnight, and you say BLOODY MARY three times while turning around, then you will see her blood covered face in the mirror. Some people even say that you will drop dead on the spot.

Queen Mary was the daughter of Henry the 8th and Catherine of Aragon. She was queen of  England and Ireland for a while 450 years ago and, according to some people, was about as humourless and bad-tempered as it is possible to be. When she first came to the throne, she rounded up 300 people who didn't agree with her and had them all executed by burning them at the stake (tying them to a wooden pole and lighting a fire underneath them).

For this reason, they gave her the nickname of Bloody Mary. Here she is in a portrait painted in 1554:

And here she is as she appeared in a mirror in Stoke Newington last Thursday:

Only joking. That's just somebody's idea of what she might look like when summoned.

Not sure you want to be trying that at home, kids. Would make a great evil character in a chiller story though! Maybe some of you could think about that for your story plans next week.


  1. bloody mary aint all that scary to me oh yeah i told my little cousin who is 4 years old a story about a pyscho chainsaw man with a hook for a hand

    -Fuad A.K.A Sparkedy

  2. Oh dear - your poor cousin, Fuad! Not sure psycho chainsaw related antics would make ideal bedtime story material for a 4 year old :) Perhaps a fairy tale or two would be more suitable.

    On the other hand, I suppose grandma-eating wolves and such are fairly scary too!

  3. Hope everyone is having a good half term, I've just sat up alone and watched a scary film entitled 'Mirrors' (sorry Y6, certificate 18) and am feeling a bit of a chicken about getting out of bed and walking by any of the mirrors in my house! The film had all the features that we discussed last week - a warning in the beginning, a red herring, great tension graph and a fantastic twist at the end that linked everything together but left you to decide what could happen next to the main character.
    I'm now going to try and find a comedy to watch or maybe 'Eastenders' on catch up t.v. to get the scary images out of my head which will mean that I can then get out of bed to use the bathroom!
    See you all next week - I hope and if you don't see me back at school get them to check all the mirrors in my house...I may be trapped inside one!!!!

    Bye, Mrs McCree-Boyle
    17/02/10 00:16


Please tell us what chilling activities you have been up to at home. Scared your little brother yet? Told a story that made your mum sleep with the light on? Maybe even tell us a short story of your own!