Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A disturbing graveyard yarn...

Fuad sent in this creepy short story about a boy who visits a graveyard.

 Jason was walking home from school via the cemetary. It was half dark by the time he got there. It was cold but he wanted to see his mother's grave and he was determined to do so.  Then suddenly he heard a noise, a creeping noise, from behind the tombstone behind him "son...son".

Jason was quivering. He quickly ran home to tell his dad what he had heard at his mother's grave but of course his dad didnt believe him and he wasn't sure he himself did either.

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  1. "What's going on one second i was at home watching tv the next i'm in this grayard,i'm totally confused"i was totally freaked out.The moon was overcast,the stone cold wind was was biting my skin when all of a sudden the wind died. I looked around and there i saw a shadow. I ran as fast as i could but then i triped over a rock and landed on a grave stone. but whenn i looked up i saw my name written on the grave stone. I jumped upin surprise. When all of a sudden the soil around me started to shake. I was horified but then it stoped.I thought that this ia a nightmare and it seemed to ended at once i thought it was over but it was really the start!"You can do this Jamie it's all ginna be all right. Then four bony hands poped out of the ground,
    grabed my legs and and took me down to the under world!

    By Adnan


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