Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Adnan's story of a terrifying visit to the graveyard

Adnan has sent in a superbly written story about terrifying visit to a graveyard. No happy ending in this one folks!

What's going on!? One second I was at home watching TV, the next I’m in this graveyard. I'm totally confused. I was totally freaked out. The moon was overcast. The stone cold wind was biting my skin when all of a sudden the wind died. I looked around and there I saw a shadow. I ran as fast as I could but then I tripped over a rock and landed on a grave stone. When I looked up, I saw my name written on the grave stone!

I jumped up in surprise. All of a sudden the soil around me started to shake. I was horrified but then it stopped. I thought that this must be a nightmare and it seemed to end at once. I thought it was over but it was really just the start!

"You can do this, Jamie! It's all gonna be all right,” I thought. Then four bony hands popped out of the ground, grabbed my legs and took me down to the underworld!


  1. cool story adnan now heres my second story

    Suddenly David heard a noise he turned around only to find his sister sarah playing a prank on him “you know it isn’t cool scaring someone in a graveyard” he shouted “well I think it was funny but whatever lets get home” sarah commented annoyingly “nope id rath…” before he could finish speaking he heard a noise a soft scream in the distance “d-did you hear that” he stuttered she nodded her head anxiously. They move towards the noise only to see a woman being dragged into a grave by something not human more something that used to be but now was only a shell of its former self…a skeleton they moved closer only to be dragged into there doom by long bony arms they screamed but it was muffled by the dirt they were buried in. They were never seen again

  2. OMG! THAT makes me not want to ever go into a graveyard again.


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