Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A horrifying graveyard tragedy

And now another fine and particularly chilling story crafted by Fuad:

Suddenly David heard a noise. He turned around, only to find his sister, Sarah, playing a prank on him.

“You know it isn’t cool scaring someone in a graveyard!” he shouted.
“Well I think it was funny but whatever... lets get home,” Sarah commented annoyingly.
“Nope I'd rath…”. Before he could finish speaking, he heard a noise, a soft scream in the distance. “D-did you hear that?” he stuttered. She nodded her head anxiously.

They moved towards the noise only to see a woman being dragged into a grave by something not human. It was more like something that used to be but now was only a shell of its former self…a skeleton.

They moved closer only to be dragged to their doom by long bony arms. They screamed but the sound was muffled by the dirt they were buried in.

They were never seen again.

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