Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A horrifying graveyard tragedy

And now another fine and particularly chilling story crafted by Fuad:

Suddenly David heard a noise. He turned around, only to find his sister, Sarah, playing a prank on him.

“You know it isn’t cool scaring someone in a graveyard!” he shouted.
“Well I think it was funny but whatever... lets get home,” Sarah commented annoyingly.
“Nope I'd rath…”. Before he could finish speaking, he heard a noise, a soft scream in the distance. “D-did you hear that?” he stuttered. She nodded her head anxiously.

They moved towards the noise only to see a woman being dragged into a grave by something not human. It was more like something that used to be but now was only a shell of its former self…a skeleton.

They moved closer only to be dragged to their doom by long bony arms. They screamed but the sound was muffled by the dirt they were buried in.

They were never seen again.

Adnan's story of a terrifying visit to the graveyard

Adnan has sent in a superbly written story about terrifying visit to a graveyard. No happy ending in this one folks!

What's going on!? One second I was at home watching TV, the next I’m in this graveyard. I'm totally confused. I was totally freaked out. The moon was overcast. The stone cold wind was biting my skin when all of a sudden the wind died. I looked around and there I saw a shadow. I ran as fast as I could but then I tripped over a rock and landed on a grave stone. When I looked up, I saw my name written on the grave stone!

I jumped up in surprise. All of a sudden the soil around me started to shake. I was horrified but then it stopped. I thought that this must be a nightmare and it seemed to end at once. I thought it was over but it was really just the start!

"You can do this, Jamie! It's all gonna be all right,” I thought. Then four bony hands popped out of the ground, grabbed my legs and took me down to the underworld!

A disturbing graveyard yarn...

Fuad sent in this creepy short story about a boy who visits a graveyard.

 Jason was walking home from school via the cemetary. It was half dark by the time he got there. It was cold but he wanted to see his mother's grave and he was determined to do so.  Then suddenly he heard a noise, a creeping noise, from behind the tombstone behind him "son...son".

Jason was quivering. He quickly ran home to tell his dad what he had heard at his mother's grave but of course his dad didnt believe him and he wasn't sure he himself did either.

Monday, 8 February 2010

What teachers do after dark...

Read on if you dare! Tyrese has sent in a super scary story of what happened last night. You might look differently at your teachers after reading this!

Here's Tyrese's story:

Let me tell you about what happened last night...

I saw our teacher, a pale, thin, corpse-like man creeping round the churchyard looking furtive in a cloak. He sat upon a gravestone and he mumbled, "Let me see... to change into a bat one simply murmurs one, two three."

I saw a purple glimmer and I heard a muffled bang and, just before he vansihed, a glimpse of gleaming fang. Then, fluttering round the gravestone where Mr Meek had sat, was a rather thin example of a vampire bat!

The next morning, in the classroom, Mr Meek looked plump and pink.

Today, I think I may buy a garlic and a crucifix.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Curse of Bloody Mary

Thanks to Ebru who has been researching about Queen Mary, also known as Bloody Mary.

Folklore has it that if you stand in front of a mirror, in a darkened room sometime around midnight, and you say BLOODY MARY three times while turning around, then you will see her blood covered face in the mirror. Some people even say that you will drop dead on the spot.

Queen Mary was the daughter of Henry the 8th and Catherine of Aragon. She was queen of  England and Ireland for a while 450 years ago and, according to some people, was about as humourless and bad-tempered as it is possible to be. When she first came to the throne, she rounded up 300 people who didn't agree with her and had them all executed by burning them at the stake (tying them to a wooden pole and lighting a fire underneath them).

For this reason, they gave her the nickname of Bloody Mary. Here she is in a portrait painted in 1554:

And here she is as she appeared in a mirror in Stoke Newington last Thursday:

Only joking. That's just somebody's idea of what she might look like when summoned.

Not sure you want to be trying that at home, kids. Would make a great evil character in a chiller story though! Maybe some of you could think about that for your story plans next week.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Welcome to the Princess May Chiller Writing Project!

This blog is the place where you can let us know of all the chilling deeds you have been up to at home. Told your little sister a scary story? Worried your mum so much she has to sleep with the light on? We want to know about it!

Send us a link to scary stories you've found on the web. Maybe even tell us your own short chiller story.

Green tickets await your terrifying creations!